About BlueX


As industry veterans, we understand that it takes a strong ecosystem to connect shippers with carriers. We recognize the needs for efficiency, accountability, flexibility, and control in the shipping industry. We also know that technology is the glue that will bring all of these needs together. But, it is not just about technology. As a key partner in the shipping ecosystem, we are bringing innovative solutions together to enable our customers to be able to compete in this new era of the shipping industry.



Making international freight
easier on our digital space


Leading the freight industry in
disruptive innovation


Creating a marketplace and
network of buyers and sellers

We Believe
All Shippers Matter

We are entrepreneurs from the shipping industry and from the Silicon Valley tech industry. When we first looked at the freight industry together, we saw that the small and medium sized shippers were being underserved.

So, we started BlueX with the vision of building an open platform to empower shippers of all sizes to be competitive. With our open freight marketplace, shippers gain access to a cutting edge platform that gives them the same experience and prices as the largest shippers in the world.

We Believe In Efficiency
Through Technology

The shipping industry has yet to fully digitize, which is causing enormous inefficiencies. Much of the industry is characterized by a lack of transparency and visibility, making it difficult to compete. To solve this problem, we set about transforming the experience from the ground up.

We digitally integrated our solution with carriers to streamline the online booking experience.

We are building a network to connect carriers to
shippers so that we can simplify the world of trade.


Connect enterprise shippers directly
with carriers and trade services


No more ambiguity between parties and


Connect the dots between carriers, shippers,
and trade services


Join the future of international trade with
access to industry-defining tools


Lance Lin

Head of Sales and BD

Kevin Chung

Head of Engineering

Johnson Chang

Head of BD/Asia

Jim Wu

Sales Director, North America

Jin Ho Chang

Sr. Engineer

Bryan Chen

Sr. Engineer

Ginny Chen

Sr. Product Manager

James Chen

Sr. Project Manager

Judy Chen

F&A Manager

Silvia Chen


Tim Chen

Sr. UI/UX Designer

Jeff Chiu

Project Manager

Aloha Hsu

Sr. Product Manager

Kay Hsu

Sr. Engineer

Richmond Hsu

Sr. Engineer

Jason Huang

Sr. Product Manager

Jeffrey Huang


Ken Huang

Lead UI/UX Designer

Minnie Huang


Will Huang

Sr. Engineer

Wilson Huang

Sr. Sales Manager

Ken Hung

Data Engineer

Josh Kao

Finance Planning and Analysis

Ennio Lai


Weihao Li

BI Manager

Jasmine Lin

Project Manager

Jayne Lin

Sr. Engineer

Jason Porta

Principal Engineer

William Shang


Tomas Swinburne

Marketing Associate

Sandy Tseng

HR Manager

Wesley Tseng


Kurt Yu

Sr. Engineer

Nina Yu


We Want to Hear from You

If you are a logistics provider, or carrier interested in partnering with BlueX,
please drop us a note.