Freight Software Integrations

Boost your Freight Software Systems with Direct Access to Ocean Carrier Data via the BlueX API

Direct access to ocean carrier real-time spot and contract rate data, with eBooking capabilities through freight transportation and rate management system providers with full shipment visibility.
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Lower Costs

Leverage instant market-based pricing in the spot market

Improve Efficiency

Quote and book your shipments in seconds with the tools you rely on every day

Boost Visibility

Get direct data from carrier tracking and status updates delivered to your TMS or RMS via the BlueX API

Secure Bookings

Get secured bookings—with partnered carriers—to avoid roll-overs

TMS & RMS Integrations

Activate the BlueX API in minutes with our partnered industry-leading TMS and RMS providers

Instant Access to Data

Gain direct and real-time access to BlueX partnered ocean carrier data

Activate the BlueX API in Minutes with These Partners

Our Partnered Ocean Carriers

Access rates and space direct from ocean carriers

Boost your access to real-time and transparent ocean carrier
data to enhance supply chain visibility and responsiveness

Spot Rates

Spot rate, inventory, schedule, and route data

Contract Rates

Contract rate surcharge data and short-term contract data with special quotation rates

Booking & Shipping Instructions

Spot and contract bookings and statuses

Tracking Data

Direct ocean carrier tracking data
  • 3500+

    Port Pairs in all Global Trade Routes

  • 10000+

    Customers Serviced

  • 81+

    Countries and Regions Have Routes Available

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